Digital Marketing made easy with Peasy

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Setup and manage your Facebook & Google campaigns from Peasy. Let Peasy recommend your media plan, setup the campaign structures, distribute and control budget across all channels.

Decide easier with AI Prediction

Peasy will predict performance even before your campaign starts

Recommended Media Planning

Let Peasy recommend the optimum channel and budget split.

Automated Campaign Setup

Peasy will automatically setup your Facebook, Google and Instagram campaign for you.

Run CPM, CPC, CPT, CPA, and CPL campaigns

Run Facebook, Google and Instagram campaigns


Uploading your creatives on various platforms is made painless with Peasy. Just select your preferredad format and Peasy shall send it to Facebook, Google and Instagram.

Automated, centralized trafficking

Upload your ad once on Peasy, and Peasy will distribute it across Facebook, Google & Instagram.

Automatic resizing

Let Peasy resize and adapt your ads into multiple format*


Getting your campaigns to perform has never been easier. Peasy’s AI will analyze your data and provide results prediction even before you begin. Once you’re satisfied with Peasy’s prediction, leave the rest to our AI to tirelessly monitor and deliver the promised performance.

Automated Optimization

Peasy will automatically monitor your campaign and optimize the audience targeting, bid adjustment, placement blacklisting and channel budget splitting so that you can achieve the maximum CTR/Conversion Rate/Install Rate/Engagement Rate at the lowest budget.